20th Century Women Artists Workshops


20th Century Women Artists Workshops

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A hands-on studio series of 12 sessions, 2 hours each, spotlighting the invaluable, yet under represented contribution of women artists of the mid to late 20th century. Each class will highlight a notable female artist from varied ethnic backgrounds - African-American, Latina, Native American, Asian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, American and more. Each week there will be a short survey of the artist’s work, then a project inspired by it, taught by a currently practicing female artist. This series is designed to show how women of all ages and races have had strong voices in art historically, despite having found opposition in the traditional narrative of art history. The underlying purpose of this experiential series is to expand the narrative to fully include women as significant art contributors.

Jan 24 - Featured Artist: Selma Burke, sculptor; Project - relief sculpture and plaster casting with Ceccily Bednash

Jan 31 - Featured Artist: Rei Kawakubo, fiber artist; Project - fashion embellishment and garment rework with Ceccily Bednash

Feb 7 - Alma Woodsey Thomas, painter; Project - abstract painting on canvas board with Ceccily Bednash

Feb 21 - Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson, mixed media; Project - jewelry making and mash-up with Alyson Toone

Mar 7 - Featured Artist: Faith Ringgold, quilter; Project - mini art quilts with Lizz Leral

Mar 14 - Featured Artist: Maliheh Afnan, ink on paper; Project - pen and ink on handmade paper scrolls with Robin Cox

Mar 21 - Featured Artist: Hannah Hoch, photo collage; Project - photo collage and montage with Laura Henneforth

Mar 28 - Featured Artist: Ynez Johnston, printmaker; Project - printmaking and monoprinting with Robin Cox

April 4 - Featured Artist: Maria Martinez, pottery; Project - black pottery and sculpture with Robin Cox

April 11 - Featured Artist: Ester Hernandez, pastel; Project - oil pastel and acrylic wash with Robin Cox

April 18 - Featured Artist: Constance Spry, floral designer; Project - floral art using unusual objects and containers with Nickole Ragland

April 25 - Featured Artist: Miriam Shapiro, needlework; Project - various applications of needlework and fiber arts

Ages 13 and up (ages 8-12 may register and attend with a participating adult)

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