Art and Wellness Workshops
from 10.00

Join Ceccily Bednash MA, AMFT, ATR in a new series of workshops that focus on art as a form of wellness. The workshops will focus on creating community that connects mental health, creativity and lifelong wellness. Each week there will be a new focus and offering including stress relief, self empowerment and self care. Ages 10 and up are welcome. $10, 6-8 PM

Class Focus:
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Week One: May 13th & 14th

Title : Art for stress relief

Project: Watercolor painting/collage

Week Two: May 20th& 21st

Title: Art as a mindfulness practice

Project: Origami/paper folding

Week Three: May 27th &28th

Title: Art as a self care practice 

Project: Fabric collage

Week Four: June 3rd&4th

Title: Art as self empowerment

Project: Warrior Dolls

Week Five: June 10th&11th

Title: Art as a tool for manifestation

Project: Vision collage 

Week Six: June 17th & 18th

Title: Art for strength Building

Project: Albrije - Spirit animal sculpture

Beginner Sewing Course

This 6-week sewing class is great for introducing any beginner to the world of sewing. Hand and machine skills will be covered. There will be a specific activity with materials provided and students who become proficient can choose their own projects. We will cover sewing tools, machine basics, machine and hand sewing techniques, fabric basics and more.  (If you have your own sewing machine it's good to bring it, or we have some to use.)

All Ages (under 9 must come with a participating adult)

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Open Sewing Studio

This is an open studio for any skill level. Get help with projects, bring mending, learn to read patterns, exchange ideas, and share knowledge with other sewists.  Experienced teachers are always on hand to help.

If you have your own sewing machine it's best to bring it, or we have a few for new learners to use. Also, learn how to maintain a machine and troubleshoot problems.

Drop ins welcome: $10

All ages

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