Our Mision is to implement local, inclusive artistic opportunities, as a catalyst for positive growth resulting in environmental, social, educational and developmental change thereby initiating global change one creative experience at a time.

Remainders Creative Reuse provides a welcoming place in Pasadena, with abundant low and no-cost arts and crafts materials, and an outlet for people with materials to donate them within the craft community. We provide arts education opportunities to people of all economic levels, engaging them in maker culture as a means of personal creative expression, while simultaneously educating artists, artisans and teachers to include creative reuse in their work and training them to teach others. It is an intergenerational space where seasoned local artists and makers work side by side with younger generations and new learners who benefit from the open sharing of knowledge and experience. 

Through this, we endeavor to build creative community within our neighborhood and city, and be a place where people of all ages and backgrounds work together, exchange ideas and make a difference in each others lives and in the community. Additionally, by recycling and promoting creative reuse, Remainders helps people to contribute to the healing of the environment and raises awareness about the benefit of up-cycling raw materials and repurposing usable goods, as opposed to buying these materials new. 

Model & History...

REMAINDERS' materials depot is modeled after SCRAP, a San Francisco Bay Area Creative Reuse center, which has been upcycling materials for use as art supplies for more than 30 years. SCRAP is housed in a 5,000 square foot warehouse provided by the San Francisco Unified School District. In exchange, SCRAP provides free materials and low cost professional development programs to teachers and organizations.