'creative reuse': [kree-ey-tiv re-yoos] (also known as up cycling or repurposing.)

Using a material or product that is unwanted for its original purpose and through creative activity transforming it into a work of art, decoration, or useful item.



Creative Reuse



Engage people of all ages in creative activity and the maker culture through creative reuse.

Serve the community by making a vast array of materials for art and maker activity available to all at low or no cost.

Build a maker movement in which people can work together, exchange ideas and make a difference in each other's lives.

Heal the environment through creative reuse and raise awareness about upcycling raw materials and repurposing usable goods.

Teach artists, artisans and educators how to include creative reuse in their work and support them to teach others.

Provide opportunity and education to all ages, regarding maker culture and the maker movement.

Creative a model materials depot and maker space that can be easily duplicated all over the world.

Model & History...

REMAINDERS' materials depot is modeled after SCRAP, a San Francisco Bay Area Creative Reuse center, which has been upcycling materials for use as art supplies for more than 30 years. SCRAP is housed in a 5,000 square foot warehouse provided by the San Francisco Unified School District. In exchange, SCRAP provides free materials and low cost professional development programs to teachers and organizations.