Second Friday Fun Day

A Friday afternoon class to encourage creative freedom. Every month there is a new project highlighting different materials to promote new skills and lots of fun. Sewing, printmaking, sculpture, collage, painting, building, drawing, book arts, robots… just to name a few.

Under age 9 must attend with a participating adult

$10 per family - all materials provided - 4:00-5:30 PM

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Free Zero Waste Workshop

Zero Waste for All!

You've probably heard a lot about "zero waste," the philosophy and movement encouraging reuse and repair of food and stuff, with the goal that no trash be sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. California is leading the way on organics recycling--join attorney and zero waste enthusiast Megan Knize to earn more about simple things you can do to join this exciting movement. You will save money, time, and the planet by throwing away less stuff! 

Supplies Needed: notebook and pencil, plus any questions, products, or items for which you'd like to learn zero waste solutions.

Bring One of the Following Barter Items: 

  • fabric or craft supply donation for Remainders Creative Reuse

  • fair trade coffee (whole or ground)

  • loose leaf tea

  • children's books

Accessibility: This location is a non-profit storefront that is accessible, although navigating to the rear of the store, where the class will be held, is through narrow aisles.

About the Teacher: Megan Knize has been refining zero waste practices in her personal and professional life for as long as she can remember. An attorney with a passion for recycling, composting, reuse, and her local Repair Cafe, Megan is excited to raise awareness about how easy and fun living a zero waste lifestyle can be. 

Contact your Teacher:

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Maker Hours Card
from 24.00

Maker Hours: These are hours that you can spend making stuff in our maker space. You get full use of table space, sewing machines, printing press, numerous tools and basic materials.

Get a Maker Hours card and save 20% | 1 Maker Hour in store is $5

With a card:

6 Hours for $24 - 10 Hours for $40 - 16 Hours for $64 - 24 Hours for $96

Purchase the card online and pick up in store or we will mail it to you. Great for gifts.

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